We are an independent geotechnical engineering consultancy with a drive to bring digital efficiency gains to engineering companies. ProFound helps engineers focus on what they are good at. We focus on open-source technology and user-friendly solutions that will pay off from day one.


Software development

ProFound BVBA can leverage a combined knowledge of engineering and cloud-based software development to bring your calculation projects to the cloud. We use Python and the Django web framework to rapidly develop data-driven, geospatially enabled applications.

Geotechnical design

ProFound BVBA uses over a decade of experience in offshore geotechnical design to come up with cost-effective solutions for your foundation project. We actively participate in geotechnical research to allow designs which go beyond standard solutions.

Knowledge management

Do you feel you're falling behind the competition? Do you spend hours searching for information on your company network? Are you constantly interrupted with trivial questions? Looks like you need a knowledge managent strategy! ProFound BVBA builds professional communities which improve the efficiency of your business. We specialise in open-source knowledge sharing tools with low costs and high revenues to transform your company into a learning organisation. Want to unlock your intellectual potential?


Management consulting

ProFound has extensive experience in the coordination of engineering teams and can guide software developments or the adoption of tools to improve digital efficiency.

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas needs to be extracted in a safe and responsible manner and ProFound can assure that oil & gas infrastructure is built on solid foundations.

Renewable energy

ProFound BVBA has been involved in geotechnical design for offshore renewable energy structures since the development of the first large offshore wind farms in the North Sea. We can leverage […]

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Bruno Stuyts – Managing director

Bruno started ProFound BVBA in 2014 to support engineering companies with tailormade geotechnical expertise. Over the course of a decade, he has been involved in offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable energy projects worldwide. From the first German offshore wind farm to ultra-deep water projects in West-Africa, Bruno has been committed to delivering state-of-the-art geotechnical solutions.

Since 2019, Bruno is appointed as Visiting Professor Offshore Geotechnics at Ghent University.

As the author of more than a dozen peer-reviewed technical papers, he is passionate about advancing the geotechnical knowledge and sharing these advances with the engineering community. Bruno enjoys working on the crossroads of engineering disciplines, ensuring that geotechnical, structural and data management aspects of offshore projects are aligned, with a view to improving engineering efficiency.

Curriculum vitae Bruno Stuyts – August 2021


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